TRAININGSASP Grant Pre-Proposal Webinar

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This pre-proposal webinar is to review the Sexual Assault Services Program (SASP) Request for Proposal (RFP) and answer any proposal questions applicants may have in preparation for submission. Before the webinar, please carefully review the entire RFP and Application Packet documents. And . . . do take note of any questions you might have that we can address at the webinar!

Presentation Handout: Pre-Proposal SASP18 webinar handout.pdf

RFP and Application Packets can be found via these links:


APPLICATION PACKET — Zipped/compressed folder contains the following 6 FORMs:

FORM A. Application Form and Federal Certification Forms (PDF)
FORM B. Sexual Assault Services Program Requirements (MS Word form)
FORM C. Application Narratives (PDF)
FORM D. Primary Project Components, or PPCs (PDF)
FORM E. Proposed Budget (MS Excel worksheet)