Claim Form/Archdiocese of Santa Fe

Unwanted Sexualized Contact By Any Employee of the Santa Fe Archdiocese?

Not Protected by the Santa Fe Archdiocese From An Unwanted Sexualized Contact?

Whether you were a child or an adult at the time, you can file a confidential civil claim until June 17, 2019.

This archdiocese includes parishes in the following counties: Rio Arriba, Harding, Taos, Colfax, Los Alamos, Sandoval, Santa Fe, Union, Mora, San Miguel, Quay, Bernalillo, Valencia, Socorro, DeBaca, Roosevelt, and Curry. St. Pius and St. Michael’s High Schools are also included in the diocese.

A civil claim may help you recover from the original event by paying for counseling, paying for related medical issues, and paying for many other expenses. You will not need a lawyer to file a claim. You can get a copy of the claim form to mail to the court from us at this agency, or online at:

If you would like a lawyer to help you to fill in the form, call the New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs at (888) 883-8020 and we will provide a list of attorneys knowledgeable about these claims.

A lawyer can help you describe your experience and the harm that came from it. These kinds of cases do not cost the client any money.  Lawyers in these cases represent you when they believe that they can be paid later from what you are expected to win in your lawsuit.