Trabajando para prevenir el abuso y la violencia sexual en Nuevo México

Resumen de los ProgramasCommunity Justice for Survivors of Sexual Violence (Civil Legal Assistance)

The Community Justice Project is a statewide legal service for survivors of sexual violence. Legal Advocates are co-located at rape crisis centers or SANE units throughout the state. Legal Advocates may be lawyers or non-lawyers working with supervision by lawyers. The project offers a wide range of legal services with primary emphasis on housing, employment, safety planning, public benefits, education rights, and privacy rights representation. The project draws upon partner agencies’ expertise in specific areas of law and client service. The project also draws upon the expertise of local attorneys who serve clients at a “low bono” rate, that is, a rate below the market rate for attorney hourly fees.

In addition to direct services to individual survivors, the Project provides technical assistance on legal matters for the Coalition and its member agencies, as well as for some Sexual Assault Coordinators.

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Life After a Sexual Assault Can be Difficult. Would You like a Lawyer to Help You Now? – A poster for no-cost legal advocacy services for survivors of sexual assault.

Legal Issues for Sexual Assault Survivors – A brochure on areas of life affected by sexual violence and how to get help.

You Have Rights. Learn What They Are – A poster for free and confidential legal information and referrals for survivors of sexual assault. (versión española)