Trabajando para prevenir el abuso y la violencia sexual en Nuevo México

Resumen de los ProgramasInterpersonal Violence Data Central Repository

The Interpersonal Violence Data Central Repository collects domestic violence and sexual assault data from statewide law enforcement and service provider agencies, sexual assault nurse examiners (SANEs) and the district and magistrate courts. The data is entered into the repository and then analyzed. Two annual reports, Incidence and Nature of Domestic Violence and Sex Crimes in New Mexico are published and the statewide and county findings and trends serve to influence future planning, practice and policy development.

Many of the annual reports include special sections, such as in the 2012 Sex Crimes report where one can find The Destructive Generational Legacy of Childhood Trauma: Insights from the Survey of Women Inmates and the Need for Trauma- Informed Response that demonstrates that the pathways that men and women take to offending and becoming incarcerated are different and highlights the need for specific approaches to optimize recovery assistance.

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