Notice Red Flags

Healthy Signs

  • Respecting each other’s identities
  • Keeping up relationships with friends and family even when they’re dating
  • Asking a peer if it’s ok to post their photo … and respecting their answer
  • Safely intervening to help someone being bullied
  • Really listening, even when disagreeing
  • Taking care of themselves and having good self-esteem independent of their relationships
  • Speaking kindly about other cultures
  • Showing interest in their partner’s activities

Red Flags

  • Treating others like they don’t matter
  • Reading a peer’s texts without their consent
  • Wanting the person they’re dating to stop doing the things they like to do
  • Telling rape jokes
  • Making hateful comments about certain groups
  • Expecting their partner to “prove” they can be trusted
  • Feeling scared to disagree with their partner
  • Neglecting themselves in the “name of love”
  • Telling their partner, “If you really loved me, you’d …”

If you notice red flags, try to bring them up by following these tips.

Some content adapted from Love is Respect, Break the Cycle, A Call to Men, Healthy Teen Network, National Sexual Violence Resource Center