Start Conversations (mentors)

Sexual violence means many things, like rape, unwanted touch, stalking, intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, incest, child sexual abuse, and more.

Talking about it isn’t just for health teachers, counselors, and peer educators. It’s for anyone that believes in healthy relationships, wants to support others, and recognizes abuse is never ok.

And since you’re the kind of person that others go to for advice, listen to, and respect, then you’re an ideal candidate.

No need to be formal. Even a few minutes giving solid advice is great.

Ideas To Start a Conversation
✓ Keep it low key. Don't push if they aren't ready to talk.
✓ Use day to day language, not medical terms.
✓ When they come to you first, start by listening.
✓ Keep the conversation going by asking open-ended questions.


Some content adapted from Love is Respect, Break the Cycle, A Call to Men, Healthy Teen Network, National Sexual Violence Resource Center.